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Burna Boy Lights Up the 2024 Grammys With An Electric Afrobeats Medley

This year’s 2024 Grammys set a new standard, with Nigerian superstar Burna Boy becoming the first Afrobeats artist to be nominated for the prestigious Best Global Music Album award while also performing his genre-blending sounds on stage. Burna Boy, joined by R&B singer Brandy and Atlanta rapper 21 Savage, brought the global sounds of Afrobeats into the glamorous Grammy spotlight and had the audience on their feet with his high-energy medley performance.

Introducing Burna Boy and the Rise of Afrobeat

Burna Boy, real name Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, is a pioneer in bringing Afrobeats to the mainstream music industry. Afrobeats is a sound that originated in Nigeria and Ghana, combining elements of highlife, juju music, fuji music, and American funk, R&B, and rap. In recent years, the genre has enjoyed enormous success in Africa and has grown in popularity worldwide.

Burna Boy, one of the genre’s biggest stars, has played a critical role in bringing Afrobeats to a wider audience. After gaining attention in Nigeria and Africa with his early albums, he rose to prominence on the global stage in 2019 with his Grammy-nominated album, African Giant. He continued to combine Afrobeats with a variety of genres, working with global superstars such as Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and Justin Bieber. As Burna Boy’s popularity grows worldwide, his distinct blend of African and Western sounds has become his trademark.

So when the nominations for the 2024 Grammys were announced, fans were overjoyed to see Burna Boy’s name listed for Best Global Music Album. In a Grammy first, organizers chose him to bring his vibrant blend of Afrobeats, dancehall, R&B, and rap to music’s biggest stage.

Burna Boy’s Electric Afrobeats Medley at the 2024 Grammys

When Burna Boy walked onto the Grammy stage in a shimmering green suit, he was greeted with roaring applause. Though many people were unfamiliar with Afrobeats prior to the telecast, the smiles on their faces demonstrated that Burna Boy was quickly gaining popularity.

With dozens of dancers and musicians backing him up, he launched into a sizzling medley of his hits, which had the audience on their feet. Burna Boy ran through fiery snippets of his most popular tracks like “Ye,” “On the Low,” and “Last Last,” alternating between the unmistakable pulsing beats of Afrobeats and verses featuring his smooth dancehall and R&B-inflected vocals.

The production was energetic and visually appealing, with vibrant colors, bold patterns, and expert choreography. Burna Boy’s laid-back demeanor and fluid dance around the stage made it clear that he was directly representing contemporary African culture for the Grammy audience.

When the production cut to a sensual sequence with purple lighting and a troupe of talented Afrobeat dancers, R&B icon Brandy appeared to join Burna Boy for a duet of their hit collaboration “In No Time.” Her soulful vocals blended seamlessly with his, resulting in entrancing sonic textures that exemplified Afrobeats’ ability to fuse with various genres.

As the song ended, rapper 21 Savage emerged from beneath the stage to trade fiery bars with Burna Boy over the Afrobeats rhythms. Despite coming from opposite sides of the world (Nigeria and Atlanta), the two stars played off each other seamlessly, demonstrating the breadth of artists Afrobeats is influencing.

The medley reached its peak as Burna Boy ran through his hook from Beyoncé’s “Ja Ara E” remix, which appeared on her Lion King-inspired album, before concluding with a blazing run of his signature track “Last Last.” Throngs of audience members danced as confetti fell on the beaming performer.

Burna Boy’s colorful outfits, superb musicianship, and high wattage energy provided millions with their first true taste of Afrobeats through a breathtaking fusion of sounds that were both deeply African and undeniably modern.

Burna Boy Helps Spread Afrobeats Worldwide

As audiences around the world soaked up the hybrid sounds and festive spirit of Burna Boy’s Grammy performance, there is no doubt that the exposure will propel Afrobeats further into the mainstream than ever before. Music industry professionals took to social media to praise Burna Boy’s performance as a watershed moment in African music.

The Recording Academy applauded music “born from a new generation of Africans bringing sounds from their home country to audiences worldwide.” There is a significant gap in representation, and Burna Boy’s appearance on the Grammy stage is finally giving the vibrant, youth-driven culture of Afrobeats its due recognition.

Many people hope that this historic Grammy moment will spark interest in Afrobeats among. Those who are unfamiliar with its addictive blend of African and Caribbean rhythms, R&B melodies, and contemporary rap bars. Key players and styles beyond Burna Boy are waiting to be discovered by newly interested listeners.

Burna Boy explained after his set that his primary goal was to highlight Africa’s talents and sensibilities rather than making the performance about himself. Based on the rapturous reaction he received in the arena and on social media. His Grammy debut suggests that afrobeats may be on the path to mainstream ubiquity in the future as a result of his pioneering efforts.

With Afrobeats rapidly expanding its global footprint in recent years. And Burna Boy making Grammy history with Africa’s distinct sounds. Nigerian and Ghanaian artists appear destined to become fixtures on the world’s biggest stages. The 2024 awards could be remembered as the night Afrobeats emerged as music’s next global phenomenon.


From its early roots blending West African rhythms and American funk to mainstream collaborations with today’s top stars. The rapid rise of afrobeats, combined with Burna Boy’s rousing Grammys performance. Heralds a new chapter for African music with an irreversible global impact.

Burna Boy lit a spark under audiences worldwide by fearlessly fusing African foundations with contemporary styles. Bringing afrobeats into the glamorous Grammy spotlight for a showstopping cultural exchange that suggests vibrancy and creative. Energy are now emanating powerfully from Nigerian and Ghanaian musicians. With afrobeats gaining popularity by the day and Burna Boy making history on reputable platforms such as the Grammys. Expect to see, hear, and dance to more infectious sounds straight from the heart of Africa.

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