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Who is The Fastest Footballer in The World

The importance of pace in football has clearly reached new heights on the field. Despite discussions about various philosophies, ball control, and strategic plays similar to those seen in the NFL, the importance of speed has only grown, not decreased. While defensive backlines have become more organised, making it more difficult for speedsters to exploit gaps between boxes, the fundamental principle remains: speed is essential. There is a strong correlation between the fastest footballer players and the best football players in the world. While many lists highlight individual fastest sprints, which frequently hover around 36 or 35 kilometres per hour, minor differences in these speeds are deemed insignificant to mention. Instead, what truly matters is a player’s ability to capitalise on speed and its overall impact on the game.

Absolutely, recording a single fast sprint does not automatically qualify a player as one of the world’s fastest footballers. True difference is found not only in raw speed, but also in their capacity to effectively apply that speed on the football field, transforming it into one of their greatest assets. As a result, when identifying the fastest footballers, we prioritize those who consistently demonstrate speed as a valuable asset and integral component of their game. We want to highlight the best among the fastest, those who seamlessly incorporate speed into their overall skill set and strategic approach to the game.

Achraf Hakimi

Achraf Hakimi

Achraf Hakimi has an impressive combination of fast-twitch muscles and long legs, which contributes to his reputation as a world-class sprinter and footballer. Paris Saint-Germain made an important move in Hakimi, adding to their roster of speedsters and cementing their position as one of the most formidable threats in football.

Despite his primary position as a wing-back, the 25-year-old frequently plays in the middle third of the pitch, almost matching his involvement in the attacking third. This demonstrates his versatility and impact across multiple areas of the field, with a particular emphasis on offensive contributions. While his take-on success rate is impressively high at 52.3% over his career, it’s worth noting a slight drop in performance during the 2022/2023 season, which hasn’t significantly impacted his overall standing.

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is widely regarded as one of the world’s fastest football players. His outstanding speed has presented him with challenges at times. The Paris Saint-Germain star had to learn to control his pace when entering the box, as rushing in at full speed reduced his conversion rate. Despite being regarded as a standout in take-ons in modern football, Mbappe’s success rate is slightly lower than that of his club teammate Hakimi, at 51%.

Nonetheless, Mbappe consistently attempts to outperform his opponent, having made 1,272 such attempts in his career. It is worth noting that he saw a drop in this statistic during the 2022-2023 season. Nonetheless, when Mbappe turns to face the goal, both the defense and the entire crowd go wild, as his speed remains his most powerful weapon. As a World Cup winner, Mbappe’s acceleration and agility continue to intimidate opponents and captivate fans around the world.

Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland

Five years ago, showing someone a photo of Erling Haaland and claiming that this towering 194-centimetre-tall player would become one of the fastest men in football would have probably raised eyebrows. However, it is clear that Haaland’s rapid rise to stardom at Borussia Dortmund has been aided in part by his exceptional speed, despite his initial reputation as a box dweller and poacher.

While Haaland does not engage in as many dribbling runs, with only 197 attempted take-ons and a 50.8% completion rate, his off-the-ball movement is where he truly shines, thanks in large part to his exceptional speed. The 23-year-old Norwegian’s long legs allow him to generate power for lightning-fast sprints while remaining balanced in stride with defenders. This combination of physical characteristics renders him a nightmare for opposing defenses to handle.

Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker

Few players in football are as proud of their speed as Kyle Walker. Despite developing into a well-rounded and good champion, it is clear that pace remains his primary weapon. Pep Guardiola has frequently relied on the Englishman to neutralise formidable threats such as Vinicius in games against top teams like Real Madrid, allowing Manchester City to effectively dictate the tempo of the game—a feat few defenders can achieve.

While Walker may be outpaced by some players over shorter distances, his ability to cover the length of half a pitch is unparalleled, with perhaps only Hakimi posing a similar challenge. Even at the age of 33, Walker’s speed shows no signs of waning, as evidenced by an impressive sprint of 37.31 km/h during a match in the 2022/2023 season. Walker’s exceptional speed remains a valuable asset for both him and his team.

Darwin Nunez

Darwin Nunez, a tall center-forward, may appear to be an unlikely candidate for the list of fastest football players. However, his speed has an undeniable impact on both the offensive and defensive phases of the game. When playing for a team like Liverpool, which is known for its high-pressing style, Nunez’s long strides towards opposing ball-playing defenders frequently cause panic among the opponents. In addition to his traditional goal-scoring abilities, he offers valuable options for counter-attacks.

Despite his size, the 24-year-old has incredible speed, with his best sprint from the previous season reaching 36.53 km/h. This speed not only allows him to threaten defenses, but it also helps his team’s defense, making him a valuable asset on both ends of the field.

Leroy Sane

Leroy Sane not only has exceptional speed, but he also moves with remarkable lightness on his feet, almost as if he is gliding across the grass. His agility and speed have been the subject of intra-club races. With reports claiming he could even outpace renowned speedsters like Walker over shorter distances. Despite facing defensive setups that frequently limit his attacking opportunities at Bayern Munich. Sane’s fastest sprint in the 2022/2023 season was an impressive 36.3 km/h.

Although he may not always have the opportunity to fully unleash his pace due to opponents retreating to defend against Bayern. Sane’s blistering pace remains a distinguishing feature that propels him to the ranks of the game’s elite players.

Alphonso Davies

Alphonso Davies

In the Bundesliga, Alphonso Davies and Leroy Sane form a formidable duo on the left flank. Consistently ranking among the league’s top three fastest sprinters in both the 2023/2024 and previous seasons. When Sane and Davies share the left wing, opposing defenders face the daunting task of dealing with two lightning-fast attackers. Even if Sane moves to the right wing, the threat remains. As defenders must remain alert to the dual threat from both flanks.

Davies’ exceptional take-on success rate of 61.6% demonstrates his ability to use his speed to get past defenders and deliver dangerous crosses into the box. His pace not only allows him to beat opponents one-on-one. But it also serves as a constant threat down the left side of the pitch. Contributing significantly to his team’s attacking prowess.

Rafael Leao

Rafael Leao

If his other attributes, such as finishing or composure, were on par with his speed. Rafael Leao could be compared to a Portuguese Mbappe. Of course, the 24-year-old can improve in this way. As well as by imitating the PSG star and slowing down slightly. However, once those long legs start moving, it must be difficult to get them back. Leao, who mostly plays in the slower, more composed Serie A. Has a 53.2% take-on success rate with 663 attempts in his career.


Is Mbappé the fastest player out there?

Kylian Mbappé is definitely one of the fastest players on the field. However, claiming that he is the ultimate speed demon is debatable. It depends on who you ask and which statistics you are looking at.

Who is the fastest in FIFA?

FIFA, the governing body of soccer, does not officially crown anyone as the speed king. In video games, players’ speeds are rated based on real-world performance. So, who is the fastest in FIFA varies with each game update.

Can Ronaldo outrun everybody?

Cristiano Ronaldo has been known for his incredible athleticism and speed over the years. Back then, he was lightning fast. However, whether he remains the fastest is debatable. Age, injuries, and playing style are all factors to consider.

Who was the fastest in 2023?

Naming the fastest car of any year is highly subjective. Soccer players place a high value on speed, and many have impressive wheels. To determine the fastest of 2023, you must examine performances, statistics, and what experts are saying about that particular year. 

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