Golf Tournament Fundraising

10 Ideas for Organising a Golf Tournament Fundraising

Organising a charity golf tournament can be an effective way to raise funds for your cause. Golf tournaments attract sponsors and participants who want to give back while having fun on the course. With some planning and promotion, a golf fundraising event can meet and even exceed your fundraising objectives. Follow these ten suggestions for organising a successful golf charity event.

Determine a fundraising goal

The first step is to determine a specific fundraising goal so that you can tailor your event accordingly. Consider what you hope to accomplish with the funds raised, and keep your goals high but realistic. How much you can earn depends on factors such as the size of your tournament, sponsorship levels, expected attendance, and player ticket prices. As a benchmark, small local charity golf tournaments typically raise $10,000 to $50,000 or more.

Choose a Format

Golf events come in a variety of formats, so choose one that best suits your needs. Scrambles are popular because they allow players of any skill level to participate. You can also organise a best ball tournament in which FOURSOMES use their own balls and combine the best score from each hole. If you want more competition, consider participating in a stroke play tournament with individual or team scoring.

Locate your Venue

The course you choose as your venue will influence a variety of other factors, including cost, the number of players you can accommodate, food and beverage options, and more. Try to find a course that will collaborate with you by donating or lowering fees. Visiting courses in person is the best way to assess their amenities and meet the leaders. Please include your projected budget, golf tournament format, ideal participant number, and fundraising goals.

Do not Rely Solely on Donations

Entry fees, raffles, auctions, and other elements should supplement donations to help you meet your fundraising goals. Create fees and sponsorship packages that are appropriate for your target audience. Provide tiered sponsorship levels, allowing companies to choose their level of investment. Longest drive or hole-in-one contests on a special “fundraising hole” can also increase your revenue.

Search for Sponsors

Sponsorships are critical for covering tournament costs and increasing profits. Local businesses may sponsor holes or provide other in-kind items such as raffle tickets or food. Create a prospect list, beginning with businesses with which you already have a relationship. Provide advertising and recognition opportunities based on the sponsorship level. Begin seeking sponsors three to four months before your event date, through meetings, letters, phone calls, and emails.

Promote Strategically

Spread the word quickly and widely by actively promoting your tournament. Email contacts, post on social media, seek local media coverage, distribute flyers, and ask golf professionals or organizations to assist with advertising. Promote sponsorship opportunities and include links to online player registration. Share important information like the date, cause, registration fees, and sponsorship packages.

Plan Tournament Extras

Consider more than just the golf to provide an excellent overall tournament experience. Golf competitions, raffles, award ceremonies, and meals or cocktails all add to the day’s festivities. Secure facilitators or celebrities as needed to complete additional elements. Order trophies, signage, gift bags, and other branding materials. Recruit volunteers to assist with activities, registration tables, photography, and other tasks.

Manage Permits, Insurance, and Legalities

Check with your local government to see if you require any permits or licences for fundraising, food service, alcohol, or other tournament elements. Event insurance protects you from weather-related issues, injuries, and other unforeseen problems. Finally, include waivers, contracts, legal disclaimers, and account for applicable taxes.

Provide Excellent Player Service

From registration to the award ceremony, provide an exceptional experience that will leave players, sponsors, and volunteers wanting to return next year. Have organised check-in procedures, tournament rules meetings, accurate scoring, well-managed contests, timely winner announcements, and heartfelt thank you speeches. Provide small takeaway gifts or gift bags if possible.

Review and Improve

Analyze participant surveys, sponsor feedback, financials, and operational aspects of your tournament to help improve future events. First, celebrate your fundraising success, then candidly evaluate what worked well and what needs to be changed to increase impact in the future. Each year, you’ll improve your operations and fundraising capacity.


How do you plan a golf tournament?

 Determine the tournament’s format, date, and location. Secure a golf course and set up entry fees, rules, and prizes. Promote the event to potential attendees, manage registrations, and plan logistics like tee times, scorekeeping, and catering. Maintain clear communication with participants about schedules, rules, and any special instructions.

What factors contribute to a successful golf tournament? 

A good golf tournament provides a well-organized and enjoyable experience for all participants. A well-maintained golf course, fair competition, appealing prizes, and effective event management are all essential components. Furthermore, offering amenities like food and beverage options, on-course entertainment, and post-tournament activities can improve the overall experience for players and spectators.

How are professional golf tournaments structured? 

Professional golf tournaments typically follow a structured format that includes multiple rounds spread over several days. Each day, players compete in groups known as “pairings” or “threesomes” to complete 18 holes. The tournament may include a cut after the first two rounds, with only the top performers advancing to the final rounds. The winner is determined by their total score from all rounds.

How do you plan a golf party? 

Begin by choosing an appropriate venue, such as a golf club or resort with event space. Determine the party’s theme, budget, and guest list. Make plans for catering, entertainment, and any additional services, such as golf instruction or on-course activities. Consider including golf-themed decorations, games, or contests to increase excitement. Communicate event details to guests and make sure all logistical arrangements are in place for a successful and enjoyable gathering. 


Organizing a golf charity tournament requires extensive planning but yields significant benefits for your cause. Setting goals, obtaining sponsors, managing logistics, and providing excellent service all help to ensure fundraising success on the course. Gather a strong planning team and begin putting together your next golf charity event. The impact you can make will be well worth your efforts. 

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