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Are Hummel Football Shirts a Smaller Size?

Hummel is a well-known sportswear brand that produces football (soccer) jerseys and activewear. However, many customers have reported that Hummel’s sizing appears to be smaller than expected.

This article will look into whether Hummel football shirts are smaller in size and provide information about Hummel’s sizing charts. We’ll also provide advice on how to select the correct size Hummel shirt for you.

Background on Hummel Sizing

Hummel’s website and apparel tags feature size charts with centimeter measurements for chest width, sleeve length, and full length of tops. Hummel, like most sportswear brands, has separate sizing charts for men and women.

Within these size charts, Hummel provides a typical numerical size range. For example, men’s sizes range from Small to 3XL, and women’s sizes range from X-Small to XX-Large. So, at first glance, Hummel appears to follow standard clothing sizes.

However, when measuring a Hummel football shirt against the size chart, many people notice that the actual dimensions appear smaller. The chest width, in particular, is frequently narrower than anticipated for a given size. So, what accounts for this disparity?

Hummel Shirts are Designed for Athletic Fit

The main reason Hummel football shirts appear to run small is that they were designed with an athletic shape and fit in mind. Hummel, a leading sportswear company, designs its tops for movement while playing football or training.

This means that Hummel shirts have a slimmer cut through the body and sleeves to prevent billowing while running down the pitch. There is also less room in the chest and waist for a streamlined look. While ideal for sporting activities, this slim athletic fit is not suitable for all body types.

A Hummel shirt will most likely fit well and provide a full range of motion for those with a slender, toned build who participate in football or other vigorous training. Men with larger chests and stomachs may find Hummel shirts too tight and restrictive to wear during games or workouts.

The athletic cut of Hummel shirts is designed for players with lean, muscular frames. Those with stockier builds may want to size up or try a different brand for more comfort.

Comparison of Major Football Brands

To better understand Hummel sizing, compare their football shirts to popular brands such as Nike and Adidas. Both companies also design their jerseys for athletic builds. However, reviews indicate that Hummel fits even smaller than its competitors.

For example, a men’s large Nike or Adidas football shirt typically has a chest width of 108-112 cm. However, a size large Hummel shirt is often only 100-104 cm wide at the chest. For broad-chested players, even a few centimeters difference can have a significant impact on comfort and flexibility.

Individuals who are comfortable wearing Nike or Adidas match jerseys may find themselves squeezing into Hummel kits. The Danish brand caters to a leaner frame in search of the perfect movement-focused sports fit.

Tips for Choosing the Right Size Hummel Shirt

If you want the slim athletic cut that Hummel provides for football and training, pay attention to the size chart details. To determine the correct size, compare your chest, arm length, and other measurements to those listed by Hummel.

Trying on Hummel shirts in person can also help you determine fit and stretch. Remember to imitate football movements such as reaching, twisting, and running to ensure that the shirt does not limit mobility.

Larger chests and waists may require a size up from normal for a comfortable Hummel fit. If sizing up still does not provide a full range of motion, Hummel shirts may not be suitable for your body type.

You can also consider Hummel custom kits for clubs and teams. Choosing a custom Hummel design allows you to adjust shirt measurements for a personalized fit across different player builds.


Finally, Hummel football shirts tend to run smaller than expected due to the brand’s unique athletic cut. Because their jerseys are designed for lean yet strong football physiques, they fit tighter in the chest, waist, and sleeves than other sportswear brands.

Sizing up or exploring custom teamwear can help you adjust to this slim silhouette. However, Hummel gear is not suitable for all body types or football positions. When shopping for football shirts, prioritize fit and mobility over aesthetics or brand loyalty. Your comfort and flexibility during games are dependent on it. 

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