mario lemieux net worth

Mario Lemieux Net Worth

Mario Lemieux is a true hockey legend whose name is recognized by fans all over the world. His outstanding skill, determination, and passion for the game have established his place in NHL history. While his on-ice achievements are well-documented, many people are interested in Mario Lemieux’s net worth and the financial implications of his legendary career. In this comprehensive article, we’ll look at the various factors that have contributed to Lemieux’s significant wealth, including his NHL earnings, business ventures, and real estate investments.

What are Mario Lemieux’s net worth and salary?

Mario Lemieux’s estimated net worth for 2023 is $400 million, making him one of the world’s richest athletes. This astonishing figure reflects his incredible success both on and off the ice.

Lemieux’s salary during his playing career was clearly impressive, but it pales in comparison to the fortune he has amassed through successful career choices and wise investments. At the height of his NHL career, Lemieux earned an annual salary of around $6.9 million, which was astronomical at the time.

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Early Life

Mario Lemieux, born on October 5, 1965, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, grew up in a hockey-loving family. His father, Jean-Guy Lemieux, was a construction worker who instilled in Mario the importance of hard work and dedication from an early age. On the frozen ponds of Montreal, Lemieux honed his skills, demonstrating a natural talent that would eventually captivate the hockey world.

NHL Career 

Lemieux’s NHL career was nothing short of legendary. The Pittsburgh Penguins selected him first overall in the 1984 NHL Entry Draft, and he quickly established himself as a generational talent. His combination of size, skill, and hockey IQ was unparalleled, and he dominated the league with rare consistency.

During his 17-season career with the Penguins, Lemieux won numerous awards and set records. He won two Stanley Cup championships (1991 and 1992), three Hart Memorial Trophies (awarded to the NHL’s most valuable player), six Art Ross Trophies (awarded to the league’s top scorer), and two Conn Smythe Trophies.

Lemieux’s contributions to the game extended far beyond his individual accomplishments. He transformed the way hockey was played, introducing a new level of skill and finesse that inspired future generations of players. His ability to control the game through vision, passing, and scoring prowess was unparalleled, earning him the nickname “The Magnificent One.”

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Team Ownership

While Lemieux’s on-ice career was nothing short of legendary, his business acumen and investment in the Pittsburgh Penguins organization were equally impressive. In 1999, the Penguins were on the verge of bankruptcy and relocation due to financial problems. Lemieux, motivated by his love for the team and the city of Pittsburgh, invested and eventually became majority owner.

Under Lemieux’s leadership, the Penguins not only survived, but thrived. He oversaw the construction of the team’s new cutting-edge arena, the PPG Paints Arena, and played a critical role in ensuring the team’s long-term future in Pittsburgh. Furthermore, Lemieux’s ownership stake in the Penguins has proven to be a highly profitable investment, significantly increasing his net worth.

After Leaving The NHL

Even after retiring from professional hockey in 2006, Lemieux’s business ventures thrived. He founded the Lemieux Group, which manages his various investments and philanthropic initiatives. The Lemieux Group has interests in real estate, technology, and a variety of other industries, broadening Lemieux’s portfolio and ensuring his financial stability long after he retires.

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Mario Lemieux’s personal life has been characterized by unwavering dedication and familial values. In 1993, he married Nathalie Asselin, with whom he has four children: Lauren, Stephanie, Alexa and Austin. Despite his enormous wealth and fame, Lemieux has remained grounded and devoted to his family, frequently citing them as the driving force behind his success.

Real estate

In addition to his business ventures and team ownership, Lemieux has made savvy real estate investments that have significantly increased his net worth. He owns several properties, including a luxurious mansion in Sewickley Heights, Pennsylvania, worth more than $20 million. This sprawling estate, which spans over 20 acres, includes a cutting-edge hockey rink, a golf course, and a plethora of other amenities fit for a sports legend of his caliber.

Mario Lemieux’s Career Earnings

While Lemieux’s current net worth far exceeds his on-ice earnings, his NHL salary during his playing career was still significant. During his 17-season career with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Lemieux earned an estimated $70 million in salaries alone. This figure does not include endorsements, sponsorships, and other revenue streams, which undoubtedly contributed to his wealth during his playing career.


Who is the richest hockey player?

 Wayne Gretzky is the richest hockey player, according to current data. Gretzky, nicknamed “The Great One,” has amassed a sizable fortune thanks to his successful career and numerous endorsements.

How much is Sidney Crosby’s net worth?

 According to recent estimates, Sidney Crosby, one of hockey’s most recognizable names, is worth around $55 million. His endorsements, lucrative contracts, and various business ventures have all contributed to his fortune.

Why did Mario Lemieux quit? 

Mario Lemieux, widely regarded as one of the best hockey players of all time, retired from professional hockey due to health issues. Throughout his career, he suffered numerous injuries, including back problems and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. These health issues eventually forced him to retire from playing, though he later returned to the sport in various capacities.

Is Lemieux better than Gretzky? 

Comparing Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky is a matter of personal preference and interpretation. Both players have had extraordinary success and have left an indelible mark on the sport of hockey. While Gretzky holds numerous records and is widely regarded as the best player in NHL history, Lemieux’s exceptional skill and accomplishments place him among the hockey elite. Ultimately, determining who is “better” may depend on personal perspectives and criteria.


Mario Lemieux’s net worth of $400 million reflects his unwavering dedication, both on and off the ice. From his legendary NHL career to his astute business ventures and investments, Lemieux has established himself as a successful entrepreneur and investor, as well as a hockey icon.

His rise from humble beginnings in Montreal to becoming one of the world’s wealthiest athletes is a remarkable story of determination, talent, and strategic decision-making. Lemieux’s legacy extends far beyond the hockey rink, inspiring athletes and entrepreneurs alike.

Mario Lemieux’s net worth is expected to rise further as he manages his vast business interests and philanthropic endeavors, cementing his status as a true icon of the game and a financial success role model.

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