Sylhet International Cricket Stadium

Sylhet International Cricket Stadium

The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, also known as Sylhet Stadium, is a major international cricket venue in Bangladesh. It is a picturesque venue located on the outskirts of Sylhet city, surrounded by lush green hills, and has hosted several international and domestic matches.

The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium has become an iconic venue in Bangladesh cricket, with a seating capacity of over 20,000 spectators, cutting-edge facilities, and a prime location in one of the country’s most cricket-loving regions. As it continues to host high-profile games, the stadium solidifies its position as a key cricket destination in the country.

Pitch and Ground Conditions

The pitch at Sylhet International Cricket Stadium is generally slower. It tends to help spin bowlers, particularly as games progress. The bounce is moderate, allowing spinners to turn and bounce off the surface.

The large square boundaries also favor spinners, forcing batsmen to actively look for fours and sixes rather than relying on edges and mishits. The outfield moves fairly quickly, allowing well-timed strokes to reach the ropes.

Day matches favor batsmen slightly more, whereas bowling becomes easier under lights. Dew can affect the latter half of night matches, making it difficult for bowlers to grip the ball. Teams winning the toss prefer to bat first on the Sylhet pitch.

Facilities and atmosphere

Sylhet Stadium, an international standard venue for Test cricket, provides excellent practice facilities for players. This includes indoor net facilities, training pits, a gym, and medical equipment. Media and broadcasting requirements are also well met.

The facilities for spectators are also excellent, with a variety of seating options, food stalls, and other amenities. The atmosphere on match days is electric, with vibrant Sylhet crowds filling the stands to support their team. Attendance and noise levels at key domestic and international games are comparable to major venues throughout Bangladesh.

Notable matches Hosted

The first Test match at the Sylhet Stadium, between Bangladesh and the West Indies, took place in February 2021. Bangladesh won their first Test against the Windies at this venue after a close contest.

The Sylhet Stadium hosted several Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) matches in 2022, featuring both domestic and international players. It is a regular venue for the BPL domestic T20 circuit.

The Stadium has also hosted Bangladesh’s domestic first-class and List A cricket tournaments, which feature the country’s top regional and departmental teams. During these competitions, this stadium frequently hosts games featuring key regional cricketers and future national team players.

Location and Accessibility

The Sylhet Stadium is located approximately 6 kilometers south of the city center, on the outskirts of Sylhet and near the village of Amchagacha. The picturesque green backdrops of the Khashia and Dimlar hills provide a lovely natural setting for the Stadium.

The main access roads are the Dhaka-Sylhet Highway and the Osmani International Airport Road. The Stadium is located approximately 10 kilometers from Sylhet’s Osmani International Airport and has excellent air connectivity.

There are also convenient road transportation options, including local buses, coaches, and personal vehicles. Traffic moves smoothly along the main access routes leading to the Stadium.

Importance Going Forward

Going forward, Sylhet International Cricket Stadium will continue to rise in stature as a leading international cricket venue in Bangladesh, especially given its location. It provides excellent service to Bangladesh’s major cricket-following north-eastern regions.

Bangladesh Cricket authorities must ensure that more Test and international limited overs matches are scheduled at this venue on a regular basis. Along with hosting domestic tournament games, this will raise the profile and significance of Sylhet Stadium.

More franchise-based professional T20 and emerging leagues are also expected, and the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium will undoubtedly remain a popular destination.


What is the largest cricket stadium in Bangladesh?

The Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka, is Bangladesh’s largest cricket stadium, seating over 40,000 spectators. It has hosted some of Bangladesh’s most memorable cricket matches, including the country’s inaugural Test match in 2000.

What are the T20 records for Sylhet Stadium?

The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium holds the following major T20 records:

Bangladesh achieved the highest T20I total of 193/5 against Zimbabwe in 2021. They also had the highest successful run chase of 140/1. Mustafizur Rahman (Bangladesh) had the best T20I bowling figures of 5/13 against Zimbabwe in 2021.

What is the history of Sylhet Grounds?

The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium was built in 2007 and took approximately 5 years to complete at a cost of Tk 80 crore. The ground hosted its first international cricket match in 2014, when Bangladesh faced India in an ODI. Bangladesh’s first test match at the venue was against the West Indies in February 2021.

Which is the world’s second biggest cricket stadium?

The Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, India, is the world’s second largest cricket stadium, with a seating capacity of over 1,10,000. The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Australia is currently the largest, with a seating capacity of approximately 1,000,000. 


Finally, the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium has quickly established itself as one of Bangladesh’s premier sporting venues. It has all the characteristics of a world-class, picturesque cricket venue.

With more international matches, domestic tournaments, and franchise leagues on the horizon, the Sylhet Stadium’s importance and profile will only increase in the coming years. It has the potential to become one of Bangladesh’s premier cricket facilities, alongside Dhaka and Chattogram, in the future. 

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