Al Wehda FC vs Al-Nass

Al Wehda FC vs Al-Nassr: A Comparison of Two Leading Saudi Arabian Football Clubs

Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Saudi Arabia, with the Saudi Professional League serving as the country’s highest level of professional club football. Al Wehda FC and Al Nassr are two of the Saudi Professional League’s most successful and influential teams.

Both clubs have long histories, large fan bases, and have enjoyed domestic and continental success over the years. This article will compare and contrast key elements of Al Wehda FC and Al-Nassr in order to provide a comprehensive overview of these two renowned Saudi Arabian football clubs.

Founding and History

Al Wehda FC was founded in 1955 in Mecca, and Al-Nassr followed two years later in 1957 in Riyadh. Al Wehda and Al-Nassr, two of Saudi Arabia’s oldest professional football clubs, have been instrumental in the sport’s growth in the country over the last 60 years.

Won the Saudi Professional League championship once in its history, in addition to three Saudi Crown Prince Cups and one Federation Cup. Al-Nassr has won nine Professional League titles, including the 2020-21 championship, seven Crown Prince Cups, and six Federation Cups.

In continental club football, Al Wehda and Al-Nassr have won the Arab world’s premier club competition once each: Al Wehda won the Arab Club Champions Cup in 1985, and Al-Nassr won the Arab Champions League in 2000.

Stadium & Facilities

Al Wehda’s home games are held at Mecca’s Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium, which seats more than 31,000 people. The stadium is owned by the Ministry of Sports and was renovated in 2014 to improve its facilities. Al-Nassr plays at the Mrsool Park stadium in Riyadh, which can accommodate up to 25,000 fans. Mrsool Park is a modern venue that was built in 2018.

Al Wehda can train at the state-run Prince Faisal Sports City complex in Mecca. Al-Nassr’s first-team players train at the Al-Nassr Training Center, which is adjacent to the Mrsool Park stadium and equipped with cutting-edge sports science, medical, and performance technology.


The two clubs have different ownership structures. Al Wehda is essentially municipally owned by the Mecca government. Meanwhile, Al-Nassr is owned by a joint stock company, with the sons of a prominent member of the House of Saud holding the majority of the shares.

Al Wehda’s government backing provides resources, but club decisions and finances are subject to political influence. The owner of Al-Nassr has demonstrated a willingness to continually invest in the club with personal funds with the goal of establishing one of the premier institutions in Middle Eastern and Asian football.

Supporters and rivalries

As a club based in Islam’s holiest city, Al Wehda is supported by Mecca residents as well as hordes of pilgrims who visit the city each year from all over the Muslim world. Al Wehda’s distinct international identity and following stem from its diverse fan base.

Al-Nassr is unquestionably the most popular club among native Saudis. The club’s rivalry with capital city rivals Al Hilal, known as the Riyadh Derby, is the most intense in Saudi football because the two most popular teams have opposing identities – Al Nassr represents the working class and elites, whereas Al Hilal represents populist nationalism.

Players and Coaches

While Al Nassr’s roster has historically included prominent Arab, African. And Brazilian players, Al Wehda’s squads have relied heavily on locally born players, reflecting the club’s more limited resources.

Al Wehda’s current manager, Serbian head coach Aleksandar Ilić, led the club to fifth place last season. Mano Menezes, a successful Brazilian manager known for leading the national team. Manages Al-Nassr, which leads the 2021-22 Professional League table by four points.


In conclusion, while Al Wehda FC and Al-Nassr are diametrically opposed football clubs in many ways. From history and supporters to resources and ambitions, they remain two of the most dominant sides in Saudi Arabian football.

Their names are frequently found near the top of the Professional League standings. And their matches, which occur twice per regular season, have frequently influenced title races. Moving forward, Al Wehda FC vs Al-Nassr will remain one of the most important annual fixtures in Saudi club football. 

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