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The Growing Issues of the Duncan Family Business in Season 5

The drama and relationships between the Duncan family members have helped BET’s Family Business become one of the network’s most popular shows. As the series entered its fifth season, the complex dynamics of the Duncan family business continued to evolve in unexpected ways. 

Season 5 of Family Business promises to be the most game-changing yet, with ownership changes, newcomers challenging traditional roles, and even criminal accusations against core family members.

An introduction to the Duncan family and their business

When Family Business premiered in 2018, the Duncan family captivated viewers with their unique blend of familial bonds and professional ambitions. Duncan’s grandfather, Willie, is the founder of the independent moving company that bears their name, Duncan & Sons Moving Co.

While Willie is the family business’s leader and patriarch, his son Orlando is in charge of the day-to-day operations as general manager. Orlando’s children also work for the company, with his daughter London serving as the office manager.

During season 5, the family business faces internal and external threats that put the Duncans’ bonds as movers and as a family to the test. Long-time employees wonder what the future holds as ownership considerations are called into question. 

Accusations of crime are also leveled against prominent family members involved in the business. Viewers who have followed the Duncans since the beginning will undoubtedly tune in to see how one of BET’s staple families handles the unprecedented challenges that arise in season 5.

Ownership Changes Cause Internal Tension

The early episodes of season 5 feature one of the most seismic storylines since Family Business’s inception: the transfer of ownership stakes in Duncan & Sons Moving Co. 

As Grandpa Willie considers retirement, he surprises the family by announcing that someone other than Orlando will become the majority shareholder going forward. Willie prefers that his granddaughter London take a controlling interest.

The decision does not sit well with Orlando, who expected to eventually take sole ownership of the company where he has worked for decades. 

The strain has an impact on Orlando’s relationship with his daughter London, as well as his commitment to continue actively working and managing for a company he no longer owns. As Orlando reduces his involvement, the family is concerned about how losing his expertise will affect customer satisfaction and standards.

London must also work to gain the respect of employees who previously saw her as the boss’ daughter rather than a leader capable of steering the company’s future.

Overcoming doubts and asserting her own vision of modernization are critical tests for London. Later in the season, London decides to share a portion of her controlling stake with Erin, Orlando’s former fiancée and mother of his youngest son, who has recently started working for the family business.

New Dynamics Shake Up Conventional Family Roles

Rising tensions over ownership and leadership changes cause ripple effects throughout the Duncan family structure. 

As Orlando’s central role in running the moving company diminishes, Willie attempts to re-engage his son by giving him an alternative management position overseeing a gym in which Willie owns a majority stake. Nate Duncan, Willie’s nephew and employee who specializes in behind-the-scenes physical moves, has taken on some of Orlando’s previous responsibilities.

Despite efforts to promote more family inclusion through ownership, the season highlights increased isolation for other members. Aunt Terry continues to feel detached and is struggling with substance abuse. 

When not working for the company, cousin Venny pursues side hustles such as smuggling contraband. London’s brother Evan is repeatedly denied full-time employment at Duncan & Sons by his family.

With ties fraying in many directions, the role of the family business as a stabilizing force in keeping the Duncans together is called into question. Despite the chaos, Grandpa Willie pursues his vision of a family-anchored company that functions like a family. There is room for differences as long as the commitment to mutual success is based on trusting bonds.

False accusations. Endangers the Company’s Reputation

The season’s climactic backend story arc, Family Business. Takes on the difficult subject of sexual crime allegations against a central character. Reggie Duncan, Orlando’s cousin and right-hand team member, is arrested on suspicion of improper sexual misconduct.

While Reggie maintains his innocence, the mere accusations threaten to tarnish public perception of Reggie and Duncan & Sons’ ethical reputations.

Even though charges are eventually dropped due to a lack of supporting evidence. The damage is compounded when a former employee files a civil lawsuit against Orlando and the company. Alleging negligence and unsafe working conditions for female employees. London leads the ultimately successful defense against the lawsuit. 

However, some family members remain skeptical of Reggie’s explanation of events, fearing that unanswered questions could foreshadow future danger.

The Duncans’ shared bonds endure as they ride the rollercoaster caused by the allegations against Reggie. Willie reiterates his long-held belief that family provides the solid foundation required to weather even the most severe storms. The experience only strengthens his conviction in passing the torch to the next generation.


The numerous uncertainties introduced in Family Business season 5 will undoubtedly echo into the recently confirmed sixth season. Lingering family tensions over ownership transfer issues and unresolved legal accusations require long-term resolutions. 

The fates of unique secondary characters twisting in the wind. Such as Venny, Terry, and Evan, may also determine whether the Duncan family tree continues to grow or some limbs are pruned.

Early season 6 speculation centers on Grandpa Willie finally confirming the hierarchy for future leadership that he clearly envisions. London’s continued emergence, along with Erin’s advancement to positions of leadership within the company, appears to be the destined outcome.

However, with Orlando seemingly on the outskirts, looking inward rather than leading as usual. The big question is whether he will accept his waning direct influence or fight against the inevitable decline of patriarchal authority.

Based on fifty years of history, the only sure bet is that whatever uncertainties may arise in the future. Willie Duncan will steer his family business to maintain the purity of intentions and concern for employees that laid its solid foundation.

That warm family environment inside Duncan & Sons appears to be thriving throughout the sixth season of BET’s beloved Family Business. As well as all subsequent chapters following this compelling family’s pursuits. 

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