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The Stars Behind Kingdom Business

Kingdom Business, a drama series that premiered in late 2022, has quickly become one of the most talked about shows on television. Kingdom Business, set in a family-owned megachurch in California, delves into the complex personal lives of Rev. 

Peter Kingdom and his loved ones. With scintillating storylines depicting greed, secrets, lies, and even murder against the backdrop of spreading the gospel to millions of followers, it’s no surprise that Kingdom Business has been dubbed “the new Dynasty for the evangelical set.”

Of course, one of the main reasons for the show’s meteoric rise is its talented cast. Delroy Lindo, a veteran actor, plays the charismatic but controversial Rev. Kingdom. Grace, his socialite wife, is by his side, and Angela Bassett plays her perfectly. Lance Gross and Amber Riley play Aaron and Faith, the Kingdom family’s ambitious son and daughter, respectively.

While the show’s stars continue to captivate viewers week after week, the ensemble cast provides an incredible supporting foundation that allows Kingdom Business to shine. Let’s take a look at some of the key actors who play Delroy Lindo’s on-screen family, allies, and rivals in this enthralling drama series.

Delroy Lindo as Reverend Peter Kingdom

It’s impossible to discuss Kingdom Business‘s cast without mentioning the show’s star, Delroy Lindo, who plays Rev. Peter Kingdom. Lindo’s character founded the sprawling Amazing Grace megachurch in Los Angeles, which now has over 20,000 members. 

However, with scandals, infighting, and secrets threatening to destroy everything he’s built, Rev. Kingdom must rely on his faith, family, and cunning to keep his position.

Lindo is simply mesmerizing as Kingdom, exuding charisma that attracts thousands of followers while displaying glimpses of ethical bankruptcy in his efforts to silence enemies and keep dissenters in line. The veteran British actor, known for films like Malcolm X and Clockers, makes the role appear easy.

 However, finding depth, subtlety, and even sympathy in such a divisive figure is no easy task. Nonetheless, Lindo finds Rev. Kingdom’s humanity amid the megalomania. It’s a stunning performance that serves as the series’ focal point.

Angela Bassett portrays Grace Kingdom

Angela Bassett delivers a standout performance as Rev. Kingdom’s tenacious, ride-or-die wife Grace. Grace plays a significant role in many of Kingdom Business‘ main storylines, as Bassett expertly balances her public persona as a cheerful First Lady devoted to the church and supportive wife with glimpses of a woman increasingly disgusted by her husband’s misconduct.

Basset, a respected actress who has appeared in biopics such as What’s Love Got to Do with It and American Horror Story, brings depth, intelligence, and quiet strength to her role as Grace.

On the surface, she appears to be loyal, if not willfully blind to Rev. Kingdom’s transgressions. Her stirring speeches uplift the congregation and encourage her husband. However, as the first season progresses, we realize that much of it is just a ruse to hide Grace’s pain, resentment, and determination to protect herself and her children at all costs.

Bassett’s emotional but understated performance establishes Grace as much more than a preacher’s wife. Her eyes reflect wisdom gained through sacrifice, loss, and far too many scandals that forced her to pick up the pieces for the man she once loved.

As the Kingdom family faces implosion, Bassett emphasizes that Grace’s allegiance can only be stretched so far before she becomes Rev. Kingdom’s most dangerous foe.

Supporting Cast Members

Of course, the success of a series is heavily reliant on the show’s supporting cast beyond the main stars. Kingdom Business has an incredible supporting cast that brings to life the saints and sinners who surround Rev. Kingdom’s inner circle.

Keeping it in the family, Lance Gross shines as Aaron Kingdom. The reverend’s loyal son who is being groomed to inherit the Kingdom mantle one day. Gross perfectly captures Aaron’s desire to please his father while also questioning whether he truly wants to spend his life behind the pulpit.

As scandals erupt and secrets emerge affecting those he cares about the most. The actor does an excellent job portraying Aaron’s struggle to reconcile his conscience and his ambition.

Kingdom’s daughter Faith begins the show as a wild child who appears to trade her partying ways for purpose when she assists her childhood friend Tamia. Played by Aisha Hinds, in running a church-affiliated women’s shelter. 

Amber Riley, of Glee fame, gives an outstanding performance as Faith. Balancing attitude and arrogance with vulnerability and wisdom beyond her years. Meanwhile, Hinds brilliantly portrays Tamia’s outward calm. And inner steel as she counsels abused women while keeping dangerous secrets that could unravel everything.

Juan Antonio’s performance as Rev. Kingdom’s scheming. Vengeful former mentee Rev. Isaiah contains some of the show’s most deliciously soapy moments. Antonio exudes charisma while perfectly capturing his character’s barely concealed rage, jealousy. And entitlement at being passed over to inherit Kingdom’s empire.

We can see the unbridled ambition in his eyes. And we wonder what lines Rev. Isaiah will not cross to deprive the Kingdom of its power.

Of course, no great drama is complete without guest stars who appear in recurring roles. Ledisi, an R&B singer turned actress, brings warmth, wisdom, and wit to her role as Rev. Kingdom’s delightfully meddling auntie, Dorothy Peoples. Reno Wilson also shines as Walter Mathis. Amazing Grace’s lighthearted, common-sense Deacon attempting to speak truth to power amidst raging storms.

Mario Van Peebles joins the cast in Season Two as controversial Bishop Wellington. Who oversees the denomination that will fund Rev. Kingdom’s planned TV network. With the gifted Van Peebles portraying Wellington as both smooth and ruthless. Sparks are sure to fly between the ambitious preachers vying for position.


Kingdom Business, which is part primetime soap opera and part expose on religion’s shady underbelly. Succeeds largely due to its outstanding cast. From Delroy Lindo’s hypnotic presence as the show’s anti-hero Rev. 

Peter Kingdom to Angela Bassett’s understated power as his conflicted wife Grace, to the superb supporting stars who round out their dysfunctional dynasty. This ensemble keeps us interested week after week. Nearly flawless acting throughout transforms the storyline’s potential into a riveting reality. Much like their fictional megachurch, it’s clear that this talented cast serves as the solid foundation for this guilty pleasure.

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