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Oklahoma Secretary of State Business Search

The Oklahoma Secretary of State’s online business search tool allows users to look up information on companies that are registered and licensed to operate in the state. This free public database contains information on a variety of business entities, including corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships, trade names, and more.

Searching Oklahoma business records is beneficial for a number of reasons. Entrepreneurs can check to see if a desired business name is already in use before filing paperwork to register their company. Existing businesses may look for competitors or vendors they want to work with. Consumers can check a company’s legitimacy before making a purchase. Investors and lenders frequently conduct due diligence on companies with which they are considering partnering or funding.


The Oklahoma business entity search provides several ways to look up records, including by business name, ID number, registered agent name, and other criteria. Results typically include key information such as the entity type, filing date, principal office address, and names of members or officers. Some records may also include previously filed documents, such as articles of incorporation.

Whether you’re looking for a new business idea, conducting market research, or simply trying to find a specific Oklahoma company, the Secretary of State business search is an authoritative source for detailed information on active and inactive entities throughout the state. 

Oklahoma Business Form and Company Search

Step 1: Visit the Oklahoma State Business Services Corporation Search Website

Oklahoma Business Form

If you’re looking for information on Oklahoma corporations, visit the official Oklahoma Secretary of State website. You can find a variety of business entities there, including LLCs, LPs, and LLPs.

When it comes to searching for specific businesses, you have two options: search by entity name or perform an advanced search. And if you require a more detailed report, simply email or call the Oklahoma State Business Services Division.

Step 2: Choose your entity

Oklahoma Business Form

After you’ve entered your options, click the search icon to view your results. If the name is already taken, you will be given a list of alternative names, such as the one shown below. Look through them one by one and decide which one you want. To help you find what you’re looking for, the search results display active, inactive, expired, or withdrawn entities from the database. You can see the Filing Number, Name, Entity Type, Registered Agent, Name Type, and Status. Once you’ve found the listing you’re looking for, check the Filing Number and click the link. That will take you to the Oklahoma Corporation Search/Information Page, where you can view all information about that particular entity.

Step 3: Copy the Data

Okay, you’ve reached the final step in your search for LLCs in Oklahoma. Here’s what you have right now:

Filing Number Name Type

Status: Corporation Type

Where it is based

When was it formed?

Oklahoma Business Form

The Oklahoma Secretary of State provides information about the Registered Agent and the status of the registration. Document copies are available for a fee. It costs $5 to check out the details. 


How can I verify a business in Oklahoma?

You can check the legality of an Oklahoma business by searching for it on the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website, www.sos.ok.gov. This allows you to look up information about corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and other types of registered businesses. Confirm that the business is listed and in good standing.

How can I see if a business name is available in Oklahoma?

Before forming a new business, check the Secretary of State website to see if your preferred name is already in use by another entity. Perform a business name availability search to see if the name is still available for your desired entity type in Oklahoma.

How can I obtain an EIN number in Oklahoma?

The Secretary of State’s business filings do not include EIN (Employer Identification Number) data assigned by the IRS. To find an Oklahoma company’s EIN, you must contact the company directly.

Who is the Secretary of State in Oklahoma?

Brian Bingman, a Republican, became Oklahoma’s Secretary of State in January 2023 after being appointed by Governor Kevin Stitt. The Secretary of State oversees the state’s business entity filings and records. 

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