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Baby: A Much-Awaited Thriller Finally Gets Its OTT Release Date

However, despite completing production in 2021, “Baby” did not receive a theatrical release, and its OTT release date w”Baby” was one of the most anticipated Tamil films of 2022. This thriller film, directed by Bhaskar and starring Sivakarthikeyan as the lead, generated a lot of pre-release buzz among fans and moviegoers. 

as also uncertain. The producers have finally confirmed that this already delayed film will be OTT Release Date very soon, much to the delight of viewers.

About the film – Baby

“Baby” is an action thriller film starring Sivakarthikeyan as Shiva. It revolves around Shiva, a SEAL team agent who becomes embroiled in a conflict between international mafia gangs. 

The cast includes South Indian stars like Raveena Ravi and Bollywood actors like Anupam Kher. With a budget of around ₹100 crores, “Baby” boasts commercial production values. 

Thaman S composed the music, and Vishnu Rangaswamy handled the cinematography. From high-octane action sequences to exotic foreign locations, this film appears to have all the makings of a perfect commercial entertainer.

OTT Release Date Confirmed

Fans of south Indian cinema have long been waiting for information on the “Baby” OTT release date. The film was originally scheduled to hit theaters in early 2022. However, it was postponed several times for a variety of reasons. 

There were also rumors that the producers might choose a direct-to-OTT release. However, there have been no concrete updates on its digital premiere for quite some time.

Finally, the production house has announced that “Baby” will be released on the OTT platform Zee5 on March 10, 2024. So, in just a few weeks, this long-awaited film will be available for streaming worldwide. 

For fans who were disappointed by missing out on the theatrical experience, this OTT release date is welcome news.

Why ‘Baby’s Release Was Delayed Multiple Times

Moviegoers must be wondering why “Baby”‘s release plans repeatedly failed. Apparently, the film became embroiled in a legal dispute between the production company and the OTT platform that had purchased its digital streaming rights.

According to reports, some disagreements arose over revenue sharing arrangements after the release. With complex business dynamics and competing interests at play, “Baby’s” release was delayed for months.

However, it appears that the producers and OTT platform owners have finally reached an agreement on the movie’s premiere and rollout.

Once the pending legalities regarding streaming rights were resolved amicably, the creators could announce a confirmed OTT launch schedule. Given the long wait, fans will undoubtedly be overjoyed with this update on the release date.

Expectations for ‘Baby’ Post-OTT Release

“Baby” is a commercial film with a massive budget, so expectations are naturally high. For starters, given the action genre, viewers can expect adrenaline-pumping stunt sequences. Sivakarthikeyan is best known for his comedic and romantic roles. 

So it’ll be interesting to see how he leads such a high-stakes action thriller. Fans anticipate that he will handle the physically demanding role with ease.

Furthermore, as the story moves between international locations, the audience will be paying close attention to the scale and visual appeal of the sets/CGI. 

South Indian films are increasingly competing with Bollywood in terms of visually grandiose productions. So, in order to satisfy fans, “Baby” must meet these production standards.

Furthermore, its footed music is a key differentiator. As a Thaman musical, soulful songs and a vibrant background score are necessary. 

Finally, an intriguing plot that keeps viewers glued to their screens is the basic expectation here. So, in a nutshell, “Baby” must excel in all areas: scale, music, action, performances, and plot.


Finally, the confirmation that “Baby” will be released on Zee5 on March 10 is extremely reassuring for fans of southern cinema. This thriller starring Sivakarthikeyan and Raveena Ravi promises to be an entertaining film with high action, music, and production values.

 It was made on a massive budget and has been in production for quite some time, so there are high expectations. The legal hurdles that caused multiple delays have finally been resolved.

 According to the makers’ most recent release date updates, one can now eagerly await its grand OTT premiere. Fans will undoubtedly be ecstatic to see this film in just a few weeks after such a long wait. 

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