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Waiting on Your Entertainment Earth Order? Here’s How Long Their Shipping Takes

Entertainment Earth is well-known among collectors, hobbyists, and general pop culture enthusiasts as one of the best online retailers for licensed merchandise from movies, television shows, games, comics, and more. However, after placing an order on their website and anticipating the arrival of your most prized collectibles and memorabilia, a common question arises: how long does Entertainment Earth take to process orders and ship items?

This comprehensive guide looks at Entertainment Earth’s typical shipping times for domestic and international orders, the factors that influence processing and transit times, options for potentially expediting your shipment, and what to do if your package is delayed or lost. Knowing what to expect for delivery of your Entertainment Earth order allows you to properly set expectations for when you will be able to enjoy unboxing your exciting new merchandise after purchase.

Entertainment Earth’s standard U.S. shipping duration

Most standard orders from Entertainment Earth are delivered within the contiguous United States within 5 to 10 business days of purchase. This transit time includes warehouse order processing, handoff to the shipping carrier, and final door delivery.

Orders are usually processed within one business day of the transaction, including verification, picking, and packing. Entertainment Earth then ships using UPS or USPS. UPS Ground takes 4 to 5 transit days from California, where their warehouse is located, to the eastern and southern states. Western states may receive orders one to two days earlier. USPS First Class mail has a transit time of up to 5 days. Packages should arrive in all 48 contiguous states within 10 business days or less.

Shipping times for Alaska, Hawaii, and other US territories

Standard shipping takes longer in Alaska and Hawaii, which are not part of the contiguous United States. UPS Ground shipping to Alaska can take 6 to 10 business days from order to door delivery. Hawaii shipments may also take 5 to 10 days in transit after being handed off to USPS at the warehouse.

According to Entertainment Earth, packages in US territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and American Samoa can take more than 10 business days to arrive in some cases, with average delivery times ranging from 7 to 14 days total. Transit is dependent on handoffs between domestic and local postal carriers.

International Order Shipping Timeframes

Entertainment Earth ships to over 100 different countries. Shipping carriers and durations understandably differ significantly. Customers must select their country during checkout to view available rates and receive delivery time estimates.

Shipments to Canada take between 8 and 14 business days on average. Major European countries ship via UPS Worldwide Expedited, which takes between 4 and 7 days in transit after warehouse processing. After the initial warehouse verification and packing, Australian orders take 6 to 10 days in transit.

International clients can typically expect their Entertainment Earth orders to arrive within 7 to 21 days. Providing the correct address and contact information is critical for successful international customs clearance and last-mile delivery by local postal carriers.

Entertainment Earth Pre-Orders and Possible Shipping Delays

Pre-orders, which place merchandise on backorder awaiting official release, have a significant impact on Entertainment Earth’s processing and shipping times. Pre-order window descriptions on the website are estimates. Manufacturers can unexpectedly delay release, pushing shipment back even further.

These upcoming items will only ship once Entertainment Earth receives them from licensors and verifies the product condition. They strategically allow pre-orders to ensure sufficient initial stock, but this increases uncertainty about exact order transit times.

Expediting Options for Quicker Entertainment Earth Delivery

Entertainment Earth offers customers two primary options for receiving orders faster than their standard shipping services:

Rush Processing Upgrade: This $5 per order fee ensures that warehouse workers pick, pack, and deliver orders to the shipping carrier within one business day of purchase. This essentially expedites only the initial warehouse verification and handling, not carrier transit.

Overnight Shipping Upgrade: For a significant surcharge, Entertainment Earth will upgrade any order’s transit speed to overnight delivery nationwide, ensuring receipt within 1 to 2 business days within the United States. Rates vary depending on order size and destination.

Bottom line, be aware that their standard shipping times already operate efficiently. Depending on the product type, destination address, and level of patience, paying more for marginal 1 to 2 day accelerations may provide little value to some customers.

What to do if your Entertainment Earth order is lost or delayed

While Entertainment Earth strives for exceptional operational performance, unforeseen issues during shipping may arise, such as:

  • Lost or stolen packages during transit
  • Severe carrier delays exceed projections
  • Customs clearance bottlenecks in specific countries.

If your order remains undeliverable well beyond the original timeframes or tracking shows irregular transit progress, customers should follow the steps below:

Contact Entertainment Earth customer service via email or phone, including your order details and shipping carrier information. Their team contacts the shipping provider to inquire about the status.

If the carrier declares the item as lost, Entertainment Earth will determine the next steps in the replacement or refund process based on product availability and claims procedures.

If resolution remains unclear after a longer waiting period due to irregular customs issues, they can reconsider carrier selection.

Getting Entertainment Earth orders from their warehouse into the eager hands of customers across the country and around the world is often a reliable process. However, in some cases, standard shipment projections may be extended. Buyers can better anticipate the arrival of their prized media collectibles by understanding the average duration of their shipping process, planning for longer international deliveries, properly setting expectations on pre-order item availability, and knowing how to address irregular package issues.


Entertainment Earth is a premier marketplace for purchasing licensed pop culture merchandise online, with a diverse selection that fulfills the dreams of fans and collectors. While waiting for your order to arrive may seem tedious after completing the exciting purchase transaction, standard U.S. shipping typically arrives at doorsteps within 5 to 10 business days. 

Customers can refer to this overview if their delivery takes longer than expected due to destination. Pre-order status, or other logistical issues. And if you need your order even faster or encounter other transit issues, there are options to upgrade shipping speeds or address irregularities so that your high-value merchandise arrives securely and quickly.

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