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What Speed Should I Swing My 7 Iron?

One of the most common questions among amateur and aspiring professional golfers is “How fast should I swing my 7 iron?” The 7 iron is a versatile club that can be used for a variety of shot types and distances. Having the proper swing speed for your 7 iron is important for maximizing distance and control. This article will provide an in-depth look at determining the ideal swing speeds based on factors like age, gender, and skill level. It will also offer tips on how to increase clubhead speed for your 7 iron to optimize your distance.

Average Swing Speed by Age and Gender

The average swing speed for any club varies greatly depending on factors like age, gender, and skill level. Here is a breakdown of typical 7 iron swing speeds by age and gender:

Male Golfers

  • Teenagers: 85-95 mph
  • 20s: 90-100 mph
  • 30s: 85-95 mph
  • 40s: 80-90 mph
  • 50s: 75-85 mph
  • 60s: 70-80 mph
  • 70s: 65-75 mph

Female Golfers

  • Teenagers: 65-80 mph
  • 20s: 70-85 mph
  • 30s: 65-80 mph
  • 40s: 60-75 mph
  • 50s: 55-70 mph
  • 60s: 50-65 mph
  • 70s: 45-60 mph

As you can see, male golfers generally have faster swing speeds, with the average topping out in a golfer’s 20s and gradually declining with age. Females follow a similar pattern but at slower speeds overall. However, these are just generalizations – factors like skill level, strength, and conditioning can allow players to swing significantly faster or slower.

Skill Levels

Skill level plays a major role in 7 iron swing speed independent of age or gender. Here is a breakdown:

  • Beginner Golfers: 60-80 mph
  • Intermediate Golfers: 70-85 mph
  • Advanced Golfers: 80-100 mph
  • Professional Golfers: 90-110+ mph

The more advanced a player becomes, the faster they can usually swing thanks to improved technique, flexibility, strength and practice. Male professionals and elite amateurs can even reach 7 iron speeds over 110 mph. The key is efficient movement patterns and making solid contact.

Tips to Increase 7 Iron Swing Speed

If you feel your 7 iron swing speed falls below the averages, there are techniques you can use to increase clubhead speed:

  • Perform flexibility and strength training for the core and lower body. This allows greater rotation in the backswing and faster hip movement in the downswing to build speed.
  • Use lighter graphite shafted irons instead of steel. The lighter weight helps many players achieve faster swing speeds.
  • Ensure proper club fitting for length, lie angle, loft and grip size. Correct fitting helps you make solid contact more consistently.
  • Take one or two more clubs lengths in your backswing. The wider arc allows faster club speeds provided you can control your downswing and contact.
  • Use a strength training aid like swing trainer clubs or weighted clubs. As with any strength training, gradually increasing the weight builds more clubhead speed strength.
  • Pay attention to correct hip and leg drive in the downswing, letting the club drop into the slot instead of using your arms and shoulders.
  • Consider private lessons to build an efficient, speed-enhancing swing structure focused on solid contact.

Many players are able to gain 5-15 mph or more in their 7 iron swing speed after focused flexibility, strength and swing technique practice. Just be sure to make contact and control your primary goals – distance comes from making solid contact.

Ideal Swing Speed Based on Distance Goals

As a final guideline, if you are wondering how fast to swing your 7 iron based purely on distance goals, these swing speeds generally produce the following shot distances based on solid contact:

  • 60 mph = 110-130 yards
  • 70 mph = 130-150 yards
  • 80 mph = 145-165 yards
  • 90 mph = 160-180 yards
  • 100 mph = 175-195 yards
  • 110+ mph = 190-210+ yards

Use these yardages only as a rough guide as conditions like wind, altitude, temperature and contact quality greatly impact actual shot distances. Focus first on making consistently solid contact rather than swing speed or distance goals. Proper technique builds both controllable speed and consistent contact over time.


Determining an ideal 7 iron swing speed depends greatly on your age, gender and skill level. Improving flexibility, strength and swing mechanics can allow you to increase clubhead speed significantly. For most amateur golfers, the focus should be on making solid, consistent contact rather than chasing speed and distance. Gradually increased swing speed will come from sound technique. Reference the tips in this article, practice often, get coaching if needed, and your 7 iron yardages are sure to increase over time.

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